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Business Law in Kiev
Create, build and maintain your business interests in Kiev. [Read more]
Property Law in Kiev
Buy & Sell Property
Buy, sell or lease property in Kiev, Ukraine.[Read more]
Civil & Criminal Law in Kiev, Ukraine
Civil & criminal law
We can help you with anything that comes up unexpectedly. [Read more]
Employment Law in Kiev
Employment Law
Businesses operating in Ukraine need to be aware of taxes, responsibilities and costs, we can help you with this. [Read more]
Personal Assistance in Kiev, Ukraine
Personal Assistance
VISA's, Marriages, Translations, Certification, don't worry, we can deal with them all for you. [Read more]
Notary Services, Kiev
Notary Services
As we have an in-house notary, documents can be translated, notarized and legalized if necessary. FAST. [Read more]

Our Notary Services

LHUA provide effective services for businesses dealing with international trade, import/export and for private individuals.

Our most common work is:

Writing, translating and witnessing "Power Of Attourney" used in Ukraine or abroad.

Purchase and sale of property and or buildings overseas.

Designing and drawing up information relating to the administration of land and estates of people who are abroad or own a property abroad.

Translating, Notarizing and Legalizing personal/business/registration documents for immigration or emigration purposes, or to apply to marry or to work abroad.

Authenticating company and business documents and transactions.

Other services:

We also provide authentication and a secure records for almost any sort of transaction, document or event. Authentication and storage of secure records of transactions or events.

We can do any other type of legal undertaking for you.

All of our team are fluent in English, French, German, native Ukrainian and Russian.

At LHUA we assist foreigners who are doing business in Ukraine.

If you wish to live here for some length of time we can also help you. We buy and sell properties, deal with contracts and banking and are we are well priced across the board.