Our Services

Business Law in Kiev
Create, build and maintain your business interests in Kiev. [Read more]
Property Law in Kiev
Buy & Sell Property
Buy, sell or lease property in Kiev, Ukraine. [Read more]
Civil & Criminal Law in Kiev, Ukraine
Civil & criminal law
We can help you with anything that comes up un-expectedly. [Read more]
Employment Law in Kiev
Employment Law
Businesses operating in Ukraine need to be aware of taxes, responsibilitites and costs, we can help you with this. [Read more]
Personal Assistance in Kiev, Ukraine
Personal Assistance
VISA's, Marriages, Translations, Certification, don't worry, we can deal with them all for you. [Read more]

Notary Services, Kiev
Notary Services
As we have an in-house notary, documents can be translated, notarized and legalized if necessary. FAST. [Read more]

Our Primary Services

Our team of Lawyers assist people from abroad whilst doing business, working or living in Kiev with ALL legal matters.

We are an established team of lawyers based in central Kiev, Ukraine. We specialize in Business Registration, Residency matters, contracts and litigation.

We have a team of civil and a team of criminal lawyers.

We also operate in other cities around Ukraine and have close ties with the government.

With over 80 years of combined experience our team understands our clients and get the job done.

Other areas:

Business Law

We are international business specialists. We understand how the systems work, and will use this to help guide you and your case to a successful conclusion. At LHUA we will control the process with you, reporting regularly so you always understand exactyly where you are in the process. Our lawyers are experienced in all legal matters.

Property law

As you will be aware, there a numerous checks and documents that are required to buy and sell property. With the recent changes in Ukraine and with change of government there are many new and complex rules and contracts. Let us help you buy, sell or lease property on your terms.

We have teams of detectives on stand-by, available to us in any city. Some of our clients use this service to investigate or confirm situations whilst they are out of the country or at home.

Civil, criminal law and other personal matters
Our business and personal lives can experience unforseen events and problems in our own country, let alone aborad. We step in where necessary to assist you effectively. We can help with you with International VISA's, work permits, residency, Marriage and if necessary divorce.

All of our team are fluent in English, French, German, native Ukrainian and Russian.

At LHUA we assist foreigners who are doing business in Ukraine. If you wish to live here for some length of time we can also help you. We buy and sell properties, deal with contracts and banking and we are well priced across the board.